Terms and Conditions

Security Deposit / Retaining fee / Payment

The retaining fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. This holds the DATE specified. (If a new date is requested, a new retaining fee will be issued.)

  • A 50% (non refundable or transferable date) deposit is required at the time of booking to secure your event date. Your order is not confirmed nor booked until a deposit has been paid.
  • The remaining balance (last 50%) is to be paid IN FULL 7 days prior to pick up/delivery. Once the deposit is paid, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. (The retaining fee is non-refundable).

Payment is via bank deposit. Cash is accepted and must be paid 7 days prior to event date. Deposits are still to be paid once invoice has been issued.

The Security deposit is taken at the time of booking to ensure you are serious about your order. This saves the date specifically to you and to accommodate every detail for your order and allows us to shop for ingredients and all the materials before we begin to bake and prep for your order.

The final payment 7 days before pick up/delivery ensures the payment of our hourly time, any final ingredients and supplies we may purchase, insurance, bills, petrol and all the hours that goes into baking / decorating and completing your order.


Our cake quotes are valid for 30 days. As our price lists are adjusted every 6-12 months, many of our quotes are given in advance, for example – wedding cakes/desserts, so they may expire by the time you decide to book with us months down the track. A new cake quote/price will then be issued and will again become valid for the next 30 days.

We open our books for 12-18 months at a time.

(As we have our own personal life outside of cakes, we can’t guarantee we will be on leave or predict the future so we tend to not book too far in advance and can’t guarantee to fulfill an order 2 years down the track, we suggest to book within the 12 month period.)

Change of date/cancellation by the client:
Should the order be cancelled or the date changed by the client, the deposit/retaining fee is forfeited and a new deposit/retaining fee must be paid to secure a different date.

Any additional payments made by the client (beyond the deposit/retaining fee) will be refunded minus the cost of any ingredients and material costs purchased or made for that order.

Change of date/cancellation by Monica’s Cakes:

If for any reason, Monica’s Cakes needs to cancel an order, a full refund will be given along with a list of suggestions for other cake suppliers in the area. Monica’s Cakes will not cancel or reschedule your order unless there is illness or personal circumstances. We will endeavour to provide notice as far in advance as possible and return the refunded amount as soon as possible.


Must be of reasonable and agreeable grounds to receive a refund. Below are some examples in which a refund may be given.

If there is any problem with the cake, I must be advised within 24hrs of the order being handed over. The cake must be returned to me in this time period for me to investigate for a refund. If I agree on the damages incurred, a refund – minus the deposit/retaining fee and ingredient/material costs – will be given. If the cake is not returned within 24 hours, no refund will be given.

• A partial refund minus the deposit/retaining fee and ingredient costs may be given if a customer is dissatisfied with final the product upon pickup/delivery. This will be negotiated with the individual at the time.

• If I cannot complete an order due to illness or personal circumstances/emergencies the following options can be offered:

  1. A full refund of the order and a list of recommendations to other cake makers in the area, with the initial security deposit refunded to you, or
  2. Change of event date with no extra fees incurred, the security deposit/retaining fee transferred to the new date, and a 10% discount off your next order.

• In case of cake breakage/accidents:

  1. If any orders are damaged in MY vehicle & care during transportation, I will have tools on hand to fix it. In the event that I cannot repair the broken item, an agreed small refunded amount will be offered, minus the deposit/retaining fee and ingredient/materials costs.
  2. I will not be held responsible for what happens to the cake once it leaves my hands, or if it is not delivered in my vehicle and care. I have outlined safe cake delivery, care and storage instructions on how to protect your cakes and desserts, and therefore will be holding NO responsibility for how it is handled out of my care, and no refund will be given.

Customer agreement, payment and satisfaction upon first sketches and final cake hand over:

Once we have sent through our final sketches and all parties have agreed on the final quote price, upon paying the invoice at the time of booking your cakes / desserts, you are agreeing to all our terms and conditions stated above.

Any changes to the final cake design including the colours, toppers, ribbons, flowers etc will only be allowed up to 2 times and must be finalised 3 weeks prior to the cake being made. Any changes to the initial price will be added on existing invoice and must be paid with the final invoice timeline – 7 days prior to pickup/delivery.

Image copyright

All photos and images taken by Monica’s Cakes are owned by the business and are copy right to them. If any images are stolen or used by another business or claimed as their own, fines will be issued and the business guilty will be reported for stealing and fraud.

Clients may use the images and post to their social media sites, but must include where the cake image came from and give credit to the owner of image – Monica’s Cakes.

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information. Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone without your permission.