Cake Transportation, Storage and Flower Information

Transporting Cakes:

So here are my tips on transporting your cakes / desserts a short distance. When I say short, I mean locally. Probably no more than a half hour drive from pickup.

If you need to travel with a cake for a longer distance, I suggest using sturdy boxes, non-slip mats, turning on the air-conditioning and utilising eskies/ice packs. Alternatively, simply ask for my assistance in delivering and I will be glad to help you out so your cake arrives at its destination safely and totally in tact!

TIP 1 – It’s always handy to have someone else in the car with you to hold/support your cake box to ensure no sliding on the seat and/or floor happens.

TIP 2 – Cakes should never be in direct sunlight, so if you can, be sure to position the cake somewhere that won’t have sun rays beaming down and melting your cake in any way.

TIP 3 – If you don’t have anybody to support your cake box, it’s best to transport in the flattest area possible of your car. I usually find this is the passenger side floor in front of the seat. This way you can keep an eye on your cake if it’s an open box also.

TIP 4 – Get your granny driving shoes on. Seriously… Us cakers put a lot of time into creating edible art, and although we make them sturdy, if you’re driving like a hoon, chances are your cake won’t make it home.

TIP 5 – Be aware of your steps and what your grounding is like while walking with your cake – if you trip, you’re most likely going to end up with a face full of tears before the day you were meant to have a face full of cake.

TIP 6 – It’s always handy to have an air-conditioned car. This isn’t always achievable, so in SUPER HOT and humid climates, I like to suggest possibly having an esky with a few cold blocks in there to keep your cake cool. If you don’t have an esky, I’ve also seen nice big storage boxes used with a few ice packs.

Always ask for my assistance or tips as I drive with my cakes every week and have also driven in a lot of different situations to Melbourne, Sydney, Nowra, Canberra, Gunning , Bateman’s Bay and so on! So I know what I’m talking about! It is best to ask first before you have a car full of smashed cake!!


While some of our desserts can be left in an airtight container in a cold/room temp area, some items need to be refrigerated to avoid food contamination/illness.

These such items include:

Most buttercream cakes, especially sponge cake or ones with the cream cheese filling option. Some contain hazardous ingredients such as milk, cream, cheese etc. that need to be refrigerated at all times.

  • Panacottas and Mousses
  • Chocolates (they melt)

Buttercream is a mixture of icing sugar, butter and a touch of vanilla essence. Different colourings and flavourings can be added, but this is essentially the base block of any buttercream recipe.

Buttercream cakes should ultimately be kept in the fridge for no longer than approximately 5 days, uncut, and taken out of the fridge about 30 minutes to an hour before serving. I like to suggest this, as it softens the buttercream and cake ever so slightly, and is more enjoyable than rock hard icing and cake.
If you don’t have the fridge space, or would prefer to serve your buttercream cake at complete room temperature, your cake can stay out in a cool spot in the house for no longer than 3 days. Keep out of direct sunlight. You may ask why can buttercream be left out of the fridge? This is due to the large amount of sugar stabalising any milk solids.

Food items that can stay in cool/room temp areas in air tight containers, cake boxes, closed packaging include:

  • Cookies
  • Fondant decorations
  • Mudcakes (by themself, no icing or decoration)
  • Cupcakes made from mud mixes (iced or not)
  • Macarons with ganache fillings

The use of fresh flowers on cakes

Please ensure that you advise your chosen florist that non-toxic flowers are to be used for cakes/edible goodies.

Some flowers can be toxic for consumption and may cause illness. These flowers are not to touch the cake and must have a protective layer between them and the cake or have special cake flower picks to be inserted into the cake. All flowers should be removed before consuming the cake.

While some flowers are edible, please double check as some can be hazardous.